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Apply for Jardine Foundation Scholarship 2023-20224



Jardine Foundation Scholarship Application for 2022 and 2023-24 Jardine foundation scholarship application for 2022 and 2023-24 – Apply for funding for a project in education or community service. The scholarship can be used to support a child’s education or training program. Apply Now! $1000 Maximum Awarded: One $1,000 Grant.

When applied for, a foundation must also have proof of financial support from private sources. In order to qualify, schools must have a jardine foundation application filed with the National Recycling Program. The process is slightly different for foundations than other organizations. Instead of submitting an application with their paperwork filled out and signed by all members of the board, foundations submit a jardine foundation application that has to be approved before they can receive any money from the program.

It’s not as strict as it seems; even if your organization doesn’t meet certain criteria, you can apply for a scholarship and hope for the best. Read on to learn more about applying for jardine scholarship 2023-24 .

About Jardine Foundation Scholarship

Jardine foundation scholarship application for 2023-24 applicants) Applicants of eligible institutions who maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher and demonstrate excellent scholarship, financial support, and leadership in the university should be considered for consideration as jardine foundation scholarship recipients.

In addition to scholarships for undergraduate studies, the Foundation also offers a limited number of scholarships for postgraduate studies. The Universities refer the potential candidates at Oxford and Cambridge Colleges who have already been accepted by the Universities.

The scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who demonstrates annual financial need and has demonstrated excellence among activities focused on diversity, social justice, and equity. Recipients of this award will have the opportunity to exhibit personal initiative by pursuing a career in music or art, which is one of the most competitive fields for new students based on applications received prior to the recent Great Recession. If you’re interested in applying for jardine foundation scholarship, check out the steps below:

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The Jardine Scholarship, which is fully funded, can be taken at either Oxford or Cambridge.

Each Jardine Scholarship that is given out will, in most cases, be adequate to cover the recipient’s fees, tuition, the cost of books and equipment, as well as room and board (preferably on a living-in basis where this is available at the University). In addition, the students will be provided with funds to cover reasonable living expenses as well as travel expenses to and from the university at the beginning and the end of the course that the Scholarship is awarded for.

Moreover, the Fully Funded Jardine Scholarship at Oxford & Cambridge will include :

  • university tuition fees payable directly to the University;
  • college fees excluding board and lodging payable directly to the College;
  • Further, an annual stipend to cover board and lodging and all other incidental expenses (subject to the discretion of the Trustees. This will be payable in four installments. The first installment will be larger to cover initial costs);
  • Also, the cost of the UK Immigration Health Surcharge; and
  • a standard economy class airfare to be reimbursed at cost to the Scholar from the place of residence to the United Kingdom at the beginning of the Scholarship as well as for the return journey to the place of residence on completion of the Scholarship period.

The Importance of Education:

The following will be eligible for a scholarship from the Jardine Foundation:

  • Tuition fees for the university, which must be paid directly to the university;
  • College fees, excluding board and lodging costs, which are to be paid directly to the College;
  • A yearly stipend that is intended to cover board and lodging in addition to any and all other incidental costs;
  • The amount of money required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge in the UK; and
  • The Scholar will receive a standard economy class airfare reimbursement at cost for the journey from their place of residence to the United Kingdom at the beginning of the Scholarship period as well as for the journey back to their place of residence after the Scholarship period has been completed.
  • Undergraduate Scholars of the Jardine Matheson Group will have the opportunity to take part in a Summer Internship Program that is organized by the Jardine Matheson Group. The program will involve placements within the Group’s business units, in addition to a learning and development designed to enable interested scholars to learn key skills that they can use when transitioning into a work environment.
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The Criteria for Selection

Not only will academic performance be considered by the Scholarship Committee for the Jardine Scholarship at Oxford and Cambridge, but also the following factors will be considered:

  • personal characteristics and fellowship qualities that the applicant has demonstrated to be exceptional, such as leadership and fellowship;
  • successes achieved outside of the classroom, particularly in athletics;
  • Participation in community organizations and activities; and
  • other characteristics that, in the judgment of the Scholarship Committee, point to the applicants’ potential to develop into exemplary members of society who demonstrate a strong commitment to the fulfillment of public responsibilities and/or participation in community activities.

How does one go about making an application for the Jardine Scholarship?

The online application is required to be submitted in order for candidates to be considered for the Jardine Scholarship, which provides financial support to recipients attending either Oxford or Cambridge. The following items are required of the candidates in addition to the application form:

  • A personal statement in which the applicant details their goals, ambitions, and plans for after they graduate, as well as the particulars of their extracurricular activities, including sports, and their level of involvement in the community;
  • A recent photograph in the size required by passports;
  • A copy of the application form for UCAS that has been filled out in its entirety; and
  • Transcripts of GCSE, A/AS Level, and IB exams, or equivalent qualifications subject to the examination system of the applicable country or territory, along with certified copies of these exams. The HKDSE certificates, the SPM or STPM certificates, and the SKHU certificates are some examples of these, but the list is not exhaustive.
  • A statement bearing the signature of the school’s principal and stating:
  • The applicant’s past academic performance and/or projections for the future;
  • Remarks that will be of assistance to the Scholarship Committee in their evaluation; and
  • In addition, any additional information that is pertinent to the application.
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The information that was provided by applicants will be used to perform an initial evaluation of each application; however, only those candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to participate in the next stage of our interview process, which will take place in Hong Kong. Applicants who are unable to make it to the final interview in Hong Kong will be disqualified from further consideration.

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