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How to Apply the Global UGRAD Program in the USA – A Guide for Students



The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (UGrad) has a global presence that emphasizes a global mindset. This is reflected in the programmatic and practical alignment with international education. The UGRAD program aims to provide students with an understanding of agriculture and the food system, while giving them practical training to take on these roles in the food system. It’s a great way to train while you travel, whether you’re looking for work at an agricultural research organization or simply want to gain international experience as part of your degree. To learn more about applying to study abroad as part of your undergraduate career, check out our guide.

The United States has a long and storied history in food production. From Native American hunting and gathering to the European colonization of North America, Americans have always been deeply connected to the land on which they live. Over time, this connection has metastasized into an obsession with local foods, homegrown ingredients, and farm-to-table dining. The Global UGRAD Program is one way that universities play an important role in enabling students to explore their sense of place and become stewards of the planet. Here’s how you can get started on your path to becoming an urban farmer.

The United States does not have a formal university-based immigration program. However, the country does offer students from around the world a way to pursue higher education and eventually become a U.S. citizen. The Global University-Based Programs (UGrad) Program provides this opportunity for foreign students who meet certain requirements.

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The program was first introduced in 2009 as a way to admit international students into universities in the United States without depleting the school’s financial aid budget or requiring it to cut back its acceptance of foreign students. Today, more than 130 US colleges and universities participate in the program. This article explains everything you need to know about applying to the program as an undergraduate student, what exactly is eligible for admission under the UGRad Program and how to get accepted into one of the participating programs.

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About The Scholarship

Are you looking forward to participating in the Global UGRAD Exchange Program 2023? The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan 2023 has just been announced in the United States. The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program Pakistan (Global UGRAD-Pakistan) is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious study abroad opportunities available anywhere in the world. This educational opportunity for Pakistani students will last for approximately four to five months. This Exchange Program in the United States is a scholarship opportunity that will change your life completely, and it will take place in the United States.

The United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs launched the very first Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in the year 2010, and the program has been running successfully ever since (ECA). It only lasts a short time each year, but the memories it creates for those who take part will last a lifetime.

All of the participants arrive in the United States of America in the role of cultural ambassadors for Pakistan. What’s even more incredible is that in addition to their academic studies, all of the participants will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of other cultures. About 230 people are chosen to take part in the program each year, with half of them enrolling in the fall semester and the other half in the spring semester.

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You won’t earn a degree by participating in this cultural exchange program, but you will have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of professional and cultural activities. Participants go from one state to another, are made to feel at home by their host families, take advantage of every opportunity, and end up with a large number of friends from other countries all over the world. Do not put off until the last minute your application for this fantastic scholarship program that is fully funded in 2023.

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  • Host Country: United States of America
  • Sponsored By: International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX).
  • Host Organisation: The program in Pakistan is administered by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) and in the United States by the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX).
  • Age Limit: 25 years
  • Type of Program: Semester Exchange Program
  • UGRAD Program Duration: 4-5 months (One Semester)

Benefits of Global UGRAD Exchange Program 2023 in the USA:

  • A grant funds tuition
  • A stipend for the textbooks
  • An airfare
  • A living stipend will be provided.
  • Accommodation will be provided.
  • Health insurance will also be covered.

Grant Benefits:

This program will go over:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Expenses incurred when traveling to and from the United States
  • Insurance for Medical Care
  • Living Stipends
  • Book privilege or stipend
  • Both meals and lodging are provided.
  • Maintenance allowance paid on a monthly basis for the duration of the program

Eligibility Requirements for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan 2023 in the United States of America:

  • One of the requirements for running is to be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Under the age of 25 is the minimum age requirement for a candidate.
  • A candidate needs to be committed to returning to their home country following the completion of their undergraduate education and must be enrolled in an undergraduate program.
  • A candidate needs to demonstrate excellent leadership abilities.
  • A candidate needs to demonstrate an eagerness to become familiar with the culture of the United States.
  • A candidate needs to have academic achievements, awards, and participation in community activities in addition to having a good academic record.
  • A candidate who has never gone on any kind of study abroad trip through a scholarship program would be given priority.
  • Candidates need to have strong English skills.
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Instructions on How to Apply for the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Pakistan 2023

  • Before submitting an application, a candidate must first ensure that they meet all of the requirements.
  • A prospective applicant needs to go to the official website in order to set up an account for the application.
  • The application consists of a number of sections, each of which can be easily completed in bite-sized chunks.
  • The uploading of scanned documents is a requirement for a certain application.
  • A candidate must submit their application online; applications sent in by mail will not be considered.

Required Documents for the Global UGRAD 2023:

  • Photocopies of transcripts
  • Achievement certificates
  • CNIC copy

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