Jobs That Will Get You A US Visa



Jobs That Will Get You A US Visa

There are some jobs that can make your visa application to the United States easy.

These types of jobs will easily get you a visa, because they are in high demand of workers in the United state.

However, this does not mean other types of work won’t get you a visa, they will surely do, once you meet up with the visa requirements.

There is a special visa for this types of jobs known as H-1B, because the jobs requires theoretical thinking and an advance knowledge such as, IT, engineering, medicine, etc.

Before your job can be considered as a specialty type, the following criteria will be considered.

  • Minimum of Bachelors degree or higher degree must be acquired or its equivalent
  • The job required is a complex one, and can only performed by someone with an advanced knowledge, or someone who has a degree.

These Specialty Occupation Include

IT / Computer professionals


Financial analysts

Management consultants

University professors and teachers



Physicians ( offers a special guide for foreign doctors and physicians interested in obtaining an H-1B visa)



Foreign Law advisors

Technical publications writers


Healthcare workers


Systems analysts

Journalists and editors



Market research analysts

Teachers in elementary or secondary schools, colleges


These jobs has high chances of getting you a US Visa. However, this does not impose that other type of jobs won’t get you a visa. They will surely do, once they meet up, with Requirements. If you will like to apply for H-1B visa, kindly fill out a form here.

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