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Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships 2023



Pursue your studies overseas. Good news! A fellowship opportunity with the Schlumberger Foundation is presently available. We will provide a comprehensive explanation of this fellowship, including its many advantages and the application procedure, in the following paragraphs.

The Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowship 2023-2024 is a monetary award given to overseas students who are pursuing higher education. This scholarship has a potential renewal value of up to US$50,000 per year for a PhD and up to US$40,000 per year for a Post-doc, and it is awarded to students who are continuing their education until they finish their degrees.

Launched in 2004, the Faculty for the Future initiative provides scholarships to women from poor and emerging countries so that they can pursue doctoral or post-doctoral research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at top universities throughout the world.

The long-term objective of the initiative is to eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of more women choosing professions in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), hence closing the gender gap that currently exists in such fields.

About The Scholarships

The Schlumberger Foundation is grateful to have such a strong group of Fellows in its current and future generations. We are honored that so many of you are applying to be part of our team and do great work every day. We have 20 new fellows this year, who will be joining the staff at Schlumberger and its technology partners on four continents. They all share one thing in common — they are committed to inspiring others to be their best and doing what’s best for business, the environment, people and planet.

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As a result of your passion, dedication and drive, you will help shape tomorrow’s world through software development, engineering, research, innovation and other professional activities. As we look ahead to our second decade as a foundation focused on the future of industry, the Fellowships program is testament to that fact that we need people like you on the team today and into the foreseeable future.

The Schlumberger Foundation is proud to announce its first-ever Fellowships program, parallel with its flagship annual education program. The “Schlumberger Fellowship for the Future” program aims to support young scientists and engineers who are working on unifying the energy, oil, and gas (EOR) industry through their research. Each of these fellows will have their own individual research focus, but they will all share a common goal: developing new technologies that help advance the energy industry.

We believe that by bringing together brilliant young researchers from around the world, the Schlumberger Fellowship for the Future programs can form a cohesive network enabling global collaboration in this area. These fellows will be supported by funds provided by Schlumberger as well as external partners. This allows us to fund highly motivated and talented students who might not otherwise be able to pursue their research. We hope you will join us in making this inaugural effort a success.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: PhD (Doctoral) / Postdoctoral
  • Institution(s): Leading universities worldwide
  • Study in: Any Country
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Biology
  • Deadline: November 11.

Financial Support for Students

  • The following advantages will be made available to the recipient of a Faculty for the Future Fellowship from the Schlumberger Foundation:
  • The Faculty for the Future funds are awarded on the basis of actual expenditures for qualified expenses, up to a maximum of US$50,000 per year for a PhD and US$40,000 per year for a Post-doc, and they are renewable through the duration of the recipient’s academic career.
  • Performance, self-evaluation, suggestions from supervisors, and substantial evidence of re-integration plans in the home country are among factors that are considered when determining whether or not to renew funds.
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The Criteria for Eligibility

Candidates must satisfy all of the requirements listed below to be considered for a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowship. These qualifications are as follows:

  • The mandatory language is English.
  • All countries across the world will be considered for eligibility.
  • if you fit both of these criteria and are a citizen of a developing country or emerging economy, you may be eligible. If you hold dual citizenship, and one of those citizenships is that of a developed country, you are not eligible to apply for this position. (It is important to note that if you have been given a grant from Faculty for the Future and, after receiving the grant, you get citizenship in a developed country, the grant will be terminated as of the day that you obtained this new citizenship.)
  • are working toward obtaining a doctoral degree or conducting post-doctoral research in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). Research that combines elements of the physical and biological sciences is the only type of work eligible for awards in the biological sciences. The Faculty for the Future initiative does not provide funding for students pursuing a master’s degree;
  • are now enrolled, have been admitted, or have submitted an application to a university or research institute located in another country (applications are no longer accepted where a candidate has not yet applied to a university). In order to be eligible for a sandwich program, the ultimate degree you earn must come from the university that you attend while studying abroad (and not from the university in your home country);
  • has an outstanding academic track record;
  • having a history of successful teaching experience or be able to demonstrate their dedication to the profession of teaching;
  • can provide evidence of active participation in faculty life and outreach activities aimed at encouraging young women to choose careers in the sciences;
  • are willing to make a contribution to the socio-economic development of your home country and region in one of the following ways: by bolstering the faculties of your home university; by conducting relevant research; or by utilizing your special expertise to solve public policy concerns.
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How to Apply

Please follow the following application instructions to Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships:

  • Create your own account.
  • Validate your account from a verification message sent to your e-mail, check your e-mail.
  • Login to your account.
  • Press ”Your Application” for 2023.
  • Complete your online application form and attach the required documents, then Submit.

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