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The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship Application Process in Australia 2023



Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship

These are the qualities that we honor with our Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships, which were developed in collaboration with Australia’s most prestigious educational institutions to be a truly transformative experience for the recipients.

The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships are widely regarded as some of the most influential educational grants available in Australia. In addition to contributing up to 120,000 dollars over the course of two to three years toward your postgraduate education, the Scholarship will also develop your leadership skills beyond anything you could have imagined.

About The Scholarship

The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship in Australia 2023 is an outstanding opportunity for individuals who are exploring novel approaches to enhance Australia’s current state. You are eligible to submit an application for this outstanding opportunity if you anticipate beginning your postgraduate studies in the year 2023. This is an opportunity that should not be passed up by people who are ambitious and have exceptional thinking approaches. You are someone we see as a natural collaborator who has the potential to bring about positive change in the world. This Australian scholarship was developed in collaboration with a number of universities to give you the opportunity to participate in an experience that will fundamentally alter your life. Your educational experience will be improved as a result, and it will have a significant impact on the path you choose to take in your professional life.

The most powerful form of developmental scholarship that Australia offers is the opportunity to participate in global leadership at the international level. It has the potential to instill in you the qualities of a leader that will serve you well in all of your future endeavors if you choose to let it. This scholarship was created with the intention of assisting individuals in making a difference in Australia in the following areas of opportunity: technology and innovation; strengthening Australia-Asian ties; mitigating or reducing environmental impact; establishing an inclusive, welcoming environment; and establishing an inclusive, welcoming environment. Over the course of a period of nine months, you will have the opportunity to take part in a program that focuses on leadership development. Therefore, providing you with new perspectives, opportunities for growth, and inspiration will assist you in leaving your mark on the world.

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Future Scholarships

It is no longer a pipe dream to receive future scholarships in Australia in order to become a future leader. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to present the innovative and creative ideas you have to a platform that is recognized all over the world. You will have access to the various forum of like-minded Australian professional leaders for the rest of your life if you choose to participate in this activity just once. You are encouraged to make a difference in Australia’s future by finding ways to maximize the potential of the abilities you already possess. Each year, there will be up to 17 talented people who are given the opportunity to receive a scholarship. You will learn how to form connections with people all over the world through participation in this individualized leadership program. Therefore, work on improving your communication skills and building relationships.

Individuals selected for the scholarship in Australia must demonstrate academic prowess and a desire to achieve success in a field related to the study. You must have an interest in becoming a part of the global network of Westpac 100 Scholars. All of the significant subfields of academic study have been developed in a way that will facilitate Australia’s growth and prosperity in ways that are desirable. We assist you in responding to the challenges posed by climate change, adapting to those challenges, and accelerating the implementation of pragmatic solutions in order to build a more sustainable future. We make it easier for you to connect with people from other countries. In order for you to flourish in Australia, you will be welcomed with open arms by an encouraging network of high achievers, game changers, believers, and bright sparks.

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  • Host Country: Australia.
  • Host Organization: Westpac Scholars.
  • Program Duration: It will be for 2 to 3 years, depending upon the program you opt to.
  • Associated Universities:
    • Australian National University.
    • Monash University.
    • The University of Melbourne.
    • The University of Queensland.
    • The University of Adelaide.
    • The University of Sydney.
    • University of New South Wales.
    • The University of Western Australia.
    • The University of Tasmania.


  • It will provide funding up to $120,000.
  • It will expose you to research from all over the world.
  • It will cover the expenses associated with both publication and dissemination.
  • It will not charge you for your travel expenses.
  • You will have an easier time with the necessary equipment.
  • You will receive a stipend as a result of this.

The Criteria for Eligibility

  • Applicants must be either citizens or permanent residents of Australia.
  • Applicants must either have completed the requirements for their undergraduate degree by September 1, 2017, or by December 31, 2017.
  • The average score that can be obtained from either H1 or H2A is equivalent.
  • You have decided to pursue your post-graduate education (Master’s or Ph.D.) at one of the nine associated universities listed.
  • You have decided on the field of study you will research. It is necessary that it be beneficial to Australia as well.
  • Are able to begin their academic pursuits between the months of January and December of 2023.

Documents Required:

  • Application form.
  • Two letters of recommendation (1 personal, 1 academic).
  • One Support letter from the supervisor or head or faculty of the previous institutes.
  • COVID- Vaccination certificate.
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Instructions on How to Apply

  • Submit your application via the official website.
  • You must first register in order to participate.
  • Be sure to provide information in all of the requested sections of the application form.
  • Make certain to provide all of the required documentation.
  • Please take your time to fill out the application, and then turn it in.

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