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Submit an Application to Win a Scholarship from the VLIR-UOS Awards in Belgium in 2023



Scholarships for training and master’s degrees are being offered by VLIR-UOS to students from other countries. This International Training Programmes (ITP) is comprised of short-term to medium-term, intensive, interactive, and practical trainings that are organized at a university or university college in Belgium/Flanders.

International master programs, also known as ICPs, are master’s degree programs that are accredited at the advanced or initial level (EQF 7) and consist of either two or four semesters (60 or 120 ECTS, respectively) of study on a topic that is either generally relevant to sustainable development or specifically related to it.

About The Scholarship

Applicants must be citizens of one of 31 eligible countries in Africa, Asia, or Latin America in order to be considered for this scholarship. The scholarship can be used to enroll in one of several trainings or master’s programs that are offered in English at a Flemish university or university college.

Application submissions are currently being accepted for the VLIR-UOS International Master Scholarship programs being offered in Belgium. The International master programs, also known as ICPs, are master’s degree programs that are accredited and can either be completed in two semesters (for a total of sixty ECTS) or over the course of four semesters (for a total of one hundred twenty ECTS). Candidates from countries that are eligible for the program will receive support from a selection of ICPs so that they can pursue master’s degrees in Belgium.

Students from all over the world can find excellent educational opportunities in Flanders, which is located in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Studying in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, or Leuven means being welcomed by an open and multilingual society. Higher education in these cities offers excellent value for money, and the region as a whole is financially stable and boasts a high quality of life.

Information Regarding Scholarships

  • Institutions in Flanders that are Partners with the Host Institution (Belgium).
  • The following master’s degree programs are included in this field of study.
  • It is not specified how many awards there were.
  • The length of time that the applicant’s program is active.
  • The intended audience: Check out the comprehensive list down below.
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This scholarship program has adequate funding and offered the following advantages to those who responded to the most recent call for applications.

  • Indemnity in the amount of 1,150 EUR per month;
  • A one-time payment of 150 Euro is required for indirect travel;
  • a one-time payment of either 850 or 700 euros for the logistical allowance;
  • Expenses for travel that are directly related to the program (a one-time payment);
  • Insurance 40 Euros every single month Indicative maximum. if one is to believe the insurance policy;
  • Airline ticket prices at their all-time lows 1 economy-class plane ticket to Belgium and 1 economy-class plane ticket back to the home country (Per scholarship);
  • Variable cost of instruction Cost of full enrollment in a master’s program according to the standard tuition rate (Per academic year).

Accepted Subject Areas

Only the following English-taught courses at Belgian Flemish universities or university colleges are eligible for scholarships:

  • One-year master programmes
    • Master of Human Settlements – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Development Evaluation and Management – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Governance and Development – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Globalization and Development – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies – Deadline for applications: 1 February
  • Two-year programmes
    • Master of Science in Food Technology – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Aquaculture (IMAQUA) – Deadline for applications: 1 March
    • Master of Epidemiology – Deadline for applications: 28th Feb
    • Master of Agro-and Environmental Nematology – Deadline: 1st Feb!
    • Master of Rural Development – Deadline online application: 21 February– deadline hard copies: 28 Feb
    • Master of Statistics – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Water Resources Engineering – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Sustainable Development – Deadline for applications: 1 February
    • Master of Transportation Sciences – Deadline for applications: 1 February
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If you fulfill all of the requirements listed below, then you are eligible to submit an application for a scholarship.

  • Incompatibility with other forms of VLIR-UOS funding: A scholarship awarded through the VLIR-UOS scholarship program cannot be combined with financial assistance awarded through an IUC or TEAM project. Candidates who are currently employed in an academic institution that is in the process of organizing similar projects are required to submit a declaration signed by the head of the project stating that the department in which the candidate is employed is not participating in the project.
  • Age: The maximum age for an ICP candidate is 40 years old for an advanced master’s degree, while the minimum age is 35 years old for an initial master’s degree. The age limit for applicants to the ITP is a maximum of 45 years. On January 1 of the intake year, the prospective employee cannot be older than this age.
  • Nationality and Country of Residence: In order to be eligible for a VLIR-UOS scholarship, a candidate needs to be a national of one of the 31 countries on the VLIR-UOS country list for scholarships at the time of application (although this does not have to be the same country).
  • Professional background and experience: VLIR-UOS gives priority to candidates who are employed in academic institutions, research institutes, governments, social economy, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or who aim a career in one of these sectors. However, candidates who are already working in the nonprofit sector (both ICP and ITP) or candidates who have recently graduated and do not have any previous work experience (ICP) may also be eligible for the scholarship. The candidate for the ITP should have professional experience that is relevant to the position, as well as a letter of support confirming (re)integration in a professional context where the knowledge and skills acquired will be immediately applicable.
  • Applications for previous VLIR-UOS scholarships and scholarships that have already been granted Each candidate is only allowed to submit one VLIR-UOS scholarship application per year, regardless of the scholarship they are seeking. As a consequence of this, an applicant is only eligible to receive one of the VLIR-UOS scholarships each year.
  • The ICP candidate has never been awarded a scholarship by the government of Belgium to attend a master’s program or equivalent, nor has the candidate ever been enrolled in a Flemish higher education institution to attend a master’s program or equivalent prior to the first of January of the intake year.
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Instructions on How to Apply

In order to be considered for the VLIR-UOS International Master Scholarship, interested applicants are required to follow the instructions that are provided below.

  • Find a master’s degree program that qualifies you and meets your interests. You can submit an application for the scholarship as well as admission to the program by going to the website of the university that offers the program and filling out the appropriate forms. Be sure to indicate in your application for the program whether or not you intend to submit an application for a scholarship.
  • The last day to submit an application varies from one educational establishment to the next. The first of March is the latest possible deadline. Check out the list of master’s degree programs for more specific application dates. Please visit the official page of the VLIR-UOS International Master Scholarship for additional information regarding the program.

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