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Scholarship offered by the RTP program at Central Queensland University in Australia for 2023-2024



The Central Queensland University RTP Scholarship 2023-2024 is a monetary award given out in Australia to students who demonstrate exceptional potential in the field of research. This post-graduate scholarship is being provided by Central Queensland University in an effort to foster an environment conducive to research and training, with the ultimate goal of bringing about positive changes in the world.

Every student’s goal should be to earn a degree from the most prestigious educational establishment in Australia without having to pay tuition. The purpose of this scholarship is to relieve students of all of their financial responsibilities so that they can concentrate solely on their academic pursuits and produce more fruitful findings from their research.

Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship in Australia

With the help of this Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship in Australia, you will have the opportunity to join Central Queensland University, which is the only university in Australia to have campuses located in each of the mainland states. When it comes to the advancement of their careers, the students in this institution have multiple opportunities to build their professional networks, which is always a valuable asset. In addition, the students interact with other students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, which helps to foster cultural exchange activities. Because of this scholarship offered by Central Queensland University, students have the opportunity to receive both academic and social benefits, both of which are essential for an individual’s growth and development.

The most appealing aspect of these RTP Scholarships in Australia is the extensive curriculum options that Central Queensland University provides for its students. Students who are pursuing their postgraduate degrees have access to a wide variety of academic fields from which to choose the subject matter of their research projects. This presents the ideal opportunity to tailor one’s dissertation to his or her particular interests. Apprenticeships, commerce and trade, business, accounting, information technology, health, science, environment, social work, and community service are just some of the many different types of programs that fall under this broad category.

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It is a matter of prestige for a student to have the opportunity to study for free at Australia’s leading university, which happens to be Central Queensland University, which is ranked among the top universities in Australia. When a student receives a fully funded scholarship in CQU research and training program, it serves as a feather in the cap and depicts the student’s competency. Already, the university is ahead of the pack when it comes to employment rates of its students, and when that student receives the scholarship, it serves as a feather in the cap. If you are a postgraduate student and you meet the criteria for this scholarship at CQU, you should not hesitate to apply for this Australian Government scholarship. The scholarship is awarded based on the recipient’s demonstrated academic merit.

About The RTP Scholarship

Each year, the Australian government makes available a number of these RTP Scholarships specifically for international students. This Scholarship is also one of the scholarships that has the most funding available. Students currently enrolled in an Australian institution are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship offers a generous stipend that can be used to cover all of the costs incurred while the recipient is attending school in Australia. If an applicant’s previous education was conducted in the English language, then the ILETS exam is not required for consideration for this scholarship. The only applicants who are required to take an English Proficiency test are those whose previous education was not conducted in the English language. Must check: Full Funding Available for Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Australia for the Years 2023.

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Over the course of the past few years, the University of Central Queensland, which is found in Rockhampton, Australia, has experienced extraordinary expansion. They are also expanding into various other regions with their campus expansion program, which will enable them to provide education access for anyone who wants it regardless of where you live or what kind of studies interest/career path that may be. Both the number of students attending classes and the number of new courses have increased dramatically.

Students are prepared to deal with problems relating to social, economic, and environmental issues, all of which have a negative impact on society as a whole, businesses, and the communities in which they are located. A postgraduate degree, also known as a research degree, can be earned in almost every educational specialty. Students who have demonstrated academic excellence and have been granted an RTP Stipend Scholarship will also be considered for an RTP Fees Offset Scholarship. Additionally, you have the opportunity to submit an application for Bond University HDR Scholarships in Australia 2022-2023.

Scholarship Description

  • Scholarship Host Country: Australia
  • University: Central Queensland University
  • Course Level: Postgraduate (Research)
  • Financial Coverage: $28,854 per annum
  • Eligibility: National & International Students
  • Deadline: 30 September.


The Central Queensland University RTP Scholarships are funded by the Australian Government.

  • University Tuition Fee.
  • Accommodation.
  • A stipend of $28,854 per annum.
  • Research funds.

Available Academic Fields:

  • Business & Law
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Education and the Arts
  • Human, Health, and Social Sciences
  • Medical and Applied Sciences
  • Nursing and Midwifery

Supporting Documents:

  • Resume
  • Written submission
  • CQ University unofficial transcript
  • Community involvement
  • Exemplary work or demonstration of leadership
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Eligibility requirements for the RTP Scholarship at Central Queensland University for 2022-23

  • The candidate must currently be enrolled at Central Queensland University as a postgraduate research student.
  • It is required that the candidate be in either the first or second year of their postgraduate studies.
  • The applicants need to either be citizens of New Zealand or Australia, permanent residents of either country, international students, or holders of a permanent visa that allows them to work in the humanitarian sector.
  • There are no restrictions placed on the candidate’s ethnicity.
  • There are no restrictions on the candidate’s gender.
  • For the courses that are being offered by the university, the prospective student can come from any academic field.

How to Submit an Application for an RTP Scholarship at Central Queensland University

  • There is no need to submit an application in order to be considered for a CQ University RTP Scholarship.
  • The supervisory team should be informed of any candidate’s intention to express interest in a RHD Scholarship.
  • Candidates who are selected to move forward will receive an invitation from the School of Graduate Research to complete an application.
  • When the scholarships have been given out, an email will be sent to each candidate informing them of their status.

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