Student Jobs In Australia



Student Jobs In Australia

Australia is greatly loved and will always be loved by international students, because they get work, while they are studying.

As a student studying in Australia, you have the advantage to do part-time work, considering the fact that the work won’t have an adverse effect on your studies. The pay you receive from work can be used to settle bills, change clothes, and of course support your studies by buying some textbooks required for your course.

The major challenge students face while studying is the lack of financial funds, to buy material things to match up with their peers. This can lead to low self-esteem and can be frustrating. But studying in Australia gives the advantage to work and study at the same time.

The minimum wage in Australia is between AUD 19,40 per hour, although this is still subjected to the kind of job you secure. In this article, we shall be introducing you to the best jobs in Australia for students, that you can take as a student, and you will get paid handsomely.

Work As A Waiter/ Barista

To be eligible for this type of work, you need to have good spoken English proficiency.

Depending on the area you are fixed for this job, is what will determine the kind of requirements that will be required from you to get the job.

Also, your job might be to communicate with clients and ask them what they want, serve food or pour drinks.

You stand to earn over AUD 20 an hour. This may be quite low, but if you are being able to work for 40/hrs in a week, that will be $800.

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Work Cleaning

Work cleaning in Australia requires that you clean a company or an organization. It could also be a private company.

This kind of job is most suitable for students because the schedules are quite very flexible.

The work is suitable for students because you have fixed it for the job, you can continue studying in your free time.

You stand to earn $ 20 and $25 per hour, the requirements for the job are quite low, low level of English proficiency, and you don’t need to be a skilled worker before you can apply for the job.

This is one of the recommended jobs to support yourself as a student in Australia, to settle your bills, and help you stay concentrated on your studies.

Work As A delivery Man

If you can drive, and you have a driving license, you can work as a delivery man, for any supermarket or company near you.

However, you should be able to speak good English language, as the job requires you to communicate with customers when going for delivery. You stand to earn 18 AUD to $25 (if the cast is on holiday or at night). However, we do not recommend this for students, as it may likely affect your studies, due to the stress involved in the job. Furthermore, this is limited to males only.

Work As A Babysitter

If you can speak a good English language, you can work as a babysitter, while you study.

You need to be skilled before you can be eligible for the work of a babysitter, and be able to speak a good English language.  You stand to earn $ 200 – $ 300 per week.

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Work On Animal Farm

If you have the skill to take care of animals, you can work on an animal farm as a student. This is going to be part-time work.

You stand to earn $200/hr or more depending on where you are fixed to work. You must be able to speak good English, to enable you to communicate with other workers in the field.

Work Taking Care Of Gardens

If you are skilled in Gardening, it’s an opportunity for you to work, while you are studying. You get paid $90/hr or more, depending on your level of professionalism.

You stand to earn a staggering amount of $500 weekly. The amount being paid for is quite huge, be sure enough it won’t affect your primary aim (studies) before applying for it, and not be attracted to the huge pay only.


Freelance is remote work, you can just do it in the comfort of your home. If you have a special service you can offer to a company, like writing, website designing, graphic designing. You can do all this in the comfort of your home. It’s one of the most recommended jobs for students, as it won’t have any effect on your studies.


If you are schooling in Australia or you are just about schooling, the above-listed jobs are jobs for students.

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