Apply For Canada Student Visa



Apply For Canada Student Visa

Many foreign students will love to study in Canada, due to their high academic excellence, however, as a student that wants to study in Canada, you will need a study permit, a study permit is also known as a student visa. 

What Is A Study Permit?

A study permit is an approval given to foreign students in the form of documents, for them to study in Canada. Most of the foreign countries will need to get a study permit before they can be allowed to study in Canada, be sure that you have all the required documents to get a study permit before you apply for it. Endeavor to have applied for a study permit, before you leave for Canada.

Residents of Morocco, Pakistan, China, Senegal, Philippines, Vietnam, or India have the privilege to get their student visa faster via an online process by applying for a student direct stream.

How Long Can You Stay In Canada With A Student Visa?

How long you will stay in Canada with a student visa, depends on the length of your course. After you are done with your study in Canada. You will be given an extra 90 days, to decide whether you want to leave Canada or want to extend your stay.

If you are taking prerequisite courses: If you were being asked to take some courses before you will be accepted to study the main course by your school of choice, your study permit, will be valid for the duration of those courses you were asked to take, plus an extra one year. If you were accepted into the main course, you are advised to extend  the length of your study permit

If your study permit expires before you complete your study: In a situation, whereby your study permit expires before you complete your study. You have to extend the length of your study permit, otherwise, you have to return to your home country without completing your studies.

If you complete your study before your study permit expires: In a situation whereby you complete your study earlier than the time your visa should expire. You are to leave immediately before the next 90 days.

Regardless of the date printed on your visa, once your school notifies you that you’ve completed your study either by completion letter, transcript, diploma, or degree, you are to leave the country 90 days after.

You will be asked to provide proof of the date you completed your study, bear in mind that, Canadian immigration will conduct further information, by contacting your school, to be sure you gave accurate information.

Can I Go home While Studying In Canada?

Yes, you can.

If you have an important thing to attend to in your home country while studying, you can go home. However, while you are returning, you must prove that you are enrolled in an institution in Canada.

If you have a visitor visa, kindly ensure that the visa is still valid while you return. 

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Who Can Apply For A Student Visa

Getting a student visa in Canada can be quite easy, and is opened to everyone from all nationalities. However, the following eligibility Requirement has to be met.

     You must be enrolled in a designated learning institution (DLI).

     You must prove that you have the financial means to do the following.

     Pay for your tuition fees

     You have the money to secure accommodation, for you and anyone that comes with you to Canada

     You have the financial means to pay for your transportation back to your home country after your study in Canada.

     You must be ready to adhere strictly to Canadian law. In some instances, you may be required to get a police certificate.

     You must not be battling with any serious health condition or a contactable disease. And should be ready to get a medical result.

     Have enough convincing proof to present to the officers, that you will leave Canada after your study in the country.

If you are not studying longer than six months

If your study in Canada isn’t going to be more than six months, kindly do the following.

     Enroll in a designated learning institution with a Covid-19 readiness plan

     Apply for a study permit.

Your responsibility

During your study in Canada, you must be ready to adhere strictly to the following

     Be ready to put in all your effort, to ensure you complete your program

     Stay in adherence to your school rules.

     If you no longer meet the requirements for your study. Kindly stop studying

     Once your student visa expires, kindly leave Canada, or apply for an extension of your stay.

Some courses will give you chances to do some certain things such as.

     Permission to work, while you are still studying

     Permission to travel within the country

People Who Don’t Need A Study Permit

Most Foreign countries need a student visa before they can be allowed to study in Canada, however, there are some cases, who are in exception to this, and they are described below.

Short Term Studies (Six months or less)

Due to the significant impact of COVID-19, there is a change on visa processing for those who want to study for 6 months duration or less, kindly check if you need a visa here

Family Or Staff Of Foreign Representatives

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If you have a family member, who is a foreign representative to Canada, you won’t need to get a visa, before you can study in Canada.

Members Of Foreign Armed Forces

If you have a family member, who is in the foreign armed forces and on duty in Canada, you won’t need a student visa to study in Canada.

Registered Indians In Canada

All Indians in Canada who are registered can study in Canada without getting a visa. Regardless, of being a citizen of other countries.

Minor Children In Canada

All children below the age of 18 years can study in Canada without getting a visa under the following conditions.

     If they are kindergarten pupils

     They are refugee claimants

     They have parents who are Refugee or refugee claimants

     They have parents who have study or work permit

When these children attain the age of 18, they will need to apply for a study permit.

Why Get A Study Permit If You Don’t Need One?   

There are two reasons why you should apply for a study permit, even if it’s not needed for you.

     To be eligible to work on or off-campus during your study.

     To be eligible to continue your study in Canada

If you want to apply for a study permit, even when it’s not needed for you, clearly explain the reason why you are applying for it.

Documents Needed To Apply For Canada Student Visa.

To apply for a student visa, the first step required is to ensure you have gotten all the right Documents

     Proof of identity

     Proof of financial support

     Proof of acceptance

     A custodian declaration

     A certificate d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ)

     A letter of explanation

     Other documents

Quick notice

Applying for a student visa does not require that you provide your biometric, due to Covid-19, you can learn more about it here.

Furthermore, all Venezuelan passport holders should briefly complete some processes here, before proceeding.

Generally, it’s best that you apply for a study permit before you leave for Canada.

There are two ways by which you can use to apply for a Canadian student visa which are


     On paper

It’s quite straightforward and easy to apply via online means.

How To Apply Online For A Student Visa.

Applying online requires that you get some gadgets that are

     A camera or a scanner, to enable you to create electronic copies of your documents

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     You have to provide your debit or credit card

Read The Instructions

Regardless of the fact that you are applying online, you are advised to first read these instructions, before proceeding with your application. The instructions will put you through and explain how to complete and fill each form.

Prepare Your Answers For The Online Tool

Before your documents can get uploaded, you will first be asked some questions. This is to personalized documents checklist. Endeavor you have prepared your answers.

If you are studying For Six Months Or  Less

While answering the questions provided to you by the online tool, endeavor to say you will be staying less than six months. This is to ensure you get the right documents and application forms.

While filling the application forms, provided to you by the online tool, your answers should be

     Accurate, as they are now part of your application forms

     Provide the actual dates, of when your study will commence, and the time, you will be done studying.

Know The Fees You Have To Pay

You should be sure of the exact fee, you have to pay. In most cases, your fee will include the following.

     Processing and application fee, for you and anyone coming along with you to Canada

You will be requested to pay the fee, at the end of your application, before you can submit it.

Third-Party Fee.

Based on your situation and nationality, you may be asked to pay the following fees.

     Language testing

     Police result

     Services at a visa

     Medical test

However, you won’t be asked to make payment for this fee, in your online account, rather, directly to the online account.

Create Your Online Account Or Sign In

The final step, as part of your application process, is to create an online account. The online account will help you to do the following.

     Submit your application

     Check your status

     Pay your fees

Create An Account

Your application will be checked as soon as it gets updated, and if there are missing documents, you will be asked to provide them, when your application gets received. You may be asked to attend an interview, with a Canadian official in your home country.


A Canadian student visa is quite easy to get, once you have the requirements. We hope this article provides enough insight on how you can apply for a Canadian student visa, if you need further assistance, kindly drop them in the comment box, we will attend to you, immediately.


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