Dubai Immigration



Dubai Immigration

Dubai is mostly loved by people due to its lovely environment. Many travel to the country for leisure and recreation purposes. Many also travel into the country for work purpose

Regardless of the reasons why you want to travel to Dubai, we shall be putting you through easy steps, by which you can immigrate to Dubai.

The Dubai government made it known that people arriving into the United Arab Emirates can now apply for a visa by presenting the following documents.

  • Health declaration Form: This form is available for download on the official website, you are to download and fill the form.
  • Quarantine undertaking form. You must be ready to take a quarantine undertaking form, which is available for download here
  • Copy of your PCR test, conducted 6 days, before your departure to Dubai

Kindly refer to your home country’s International traveling regulation, to check for other protocols you are to adhere to.

You are to proceed to check the type of Visa that is suitable for you. The one that best fits your purpose of traveling. You can check the wide range of available visa option here

How To apply for UAE

  • Make use of your favorite browser, go to
  • Under the booking details, right-click on the retrieve booking button
  • Double click on apply for a UAE visa, the option can be found under additional services
  • Proceed further to the online application. Read the instructions before applying. Apply now
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