Apply For Canada Business Visa



Apply For Canada Business Visa

There are different purposes by which people travel to Canada. Some travel for study purposes, some health, some Business, etc. And each purpose of traveling to Canada has the type of Visa to get, and how to apply for it. In this article, we shall be dealing with how to apply for a Canada Business Visa.

With a Canadian business visa, you will be able to travel into Canada, start your business, and partner with a Canadian company. In addition to this, you will also be able to do the following.

  • Sign agreement
  • Attend meetings
  • Take part in workshop/conferences

With a Canadian business visa, you are only allowed to stay in the country for a short period, usually six months or less. Or also, you do not have the right to work, you are only in the country to attend meetings or start a business. If you want to work, you will need to apply for a temporary visa, alongside the business Visa. You do not as well have the right to health coverage with a business visa.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Business Visa For Criteria?

There are some conditions attached to getting a Canadian business visa.

Your eligibility will be determined by how well you meet up the criteria for this visa.

The conditions attached to getting a Canadian business visa are quite more complex, than the ones attached to other types of visa, since you will be coming into the country to start a business, and not coming to work.

The below are requirements, you must meet up to.

  • You must have an established business in your home country or other company aside from Canada. Or you are working under a registered company in another country
  • You are required to have another source of income, from your business in another country.
  • You are required to have all the records of other country visas that you have, and how well you meet up with their requirements.
  • You must be able to prove that you are ready to start a business in Canada, or you have a partnership with a company in Canada.
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Failure to meet up these demands might make your visa approvals quite hard.

Completing The Documents For A Business, ss s File.

On the following page, you will be required to provide the following documents.

  • An invitation letter, from a company that you wants to partner with within Canada
  • A letter of registration, from the company that sends you an invitation letter
  • You must also provide a letter of declaration from you, on why you should be given a visa.
  • A clear indication that you are coming to run a legal business in Canada
  • You must also provide two passport photographs, that meets Canadian photo requirements

Quick notice

Kindly ensure that all your documents are submitted in either French or English. If not, ensure you present the documents with a certified interpreter.

Once your documents have been submitted, you can then proceed further to submit your application. Once your application has been submitted, make payment for it immediately, to avoid delays.

What Are The Canada Business Visa Fee

The cost for Canadian business fees is quite low. The business visa fee cost CAD$100 with an additional fee of CAD$85 in an instance where you were being asked to provide your biometric. The total cost for the business Visa equals $185.

Once your visa gets approved, you will be asked to pay the passport fee, which is CAD$45.

How Long Is The Canadian Business Processing Time?

Depending on the workload on the embassy you applied, and your nationality. Sometimes it may take up to 1-6 months.

How Long Is The Canadian Business Visa Valid?

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A business visa is a temporary visa. This means your stay in the country is limited and just for a short period.

Usually, with a Canadian Business visa, you can’t stay longer than six months. You are advised not to stay longer than this. Most times, the officers might permit you to stay up to 6-10 years in the country but do not stay longer than 6 months at a time.

Can I Bring My Dependents With Me With A Business Visa?

A business visa is a temporary visa, which does not permit you to stay longer than six months in the country.

You can not bring your dependent with you to Canada with a Business Visa. If it’s your wish for them to come with you, they have to apply for a visitor visa

How To Apply For Canada Business Visa

If you discover you have all the requirements to apply for a business visa, you can then proceed with the processing. Here are a few steps to apply for a Canadian Business visa.

  • Kindly confirm you have met the eligibility for a Canadian Business visa
  • Gather all your documents and application forms, for a Canadian business visa.
  • Proceed to submit your application for a business visa
  • Wait for your application bro to get processed, and provide more documents if required.
  • After the processing, provide your passport for stamping.

Once all these documents have been obtained, you proceed to the Canadian official site, choose the business as your visa type, supply all the required documents.


There are several ways to migrate to Canada, and each way has its Requirements. Going to Canada for business purposes requires that you get a Canadian Business visa.

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A business visa is a temporary visa, and you can only stay in the country for a very short limited time. Endeavor to apply for a temporary visa, if you want to extend your stay.

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