Immigrate To Canada Through Canada Start-up Visa



Immigrate To Canada Through Canada Start-up Visa.

Start-up Visa program was being organized by the Canadian government, to encourage all prospective entrepreneur,  to come into the country and

  • Compete for global scale
  • Create Jobs for Canadian and,
  • Bring new innovation.

If you have an innovative business idea, kindly contact the designated organization, once your business is valuable to the Canadian economy, you will be able to immigrate to Canada.

Will You Like To Live In Quebec?

The Business Immigration program in Quebec is solely decided and controlled by the province. You can apply for it here

Who Can Apply For  A Start-Up Visa?

Anyone who meets up with the requirements for this visa can apply for this visa. Applicants must be ready to

  • Meet the language requirements
  • Have a qualifying business
  • Bring enough money to settle
  • Get a letter of support from DLI

Have a Qualifying Business

What comes to your mind with the statement qualifying business? In simple terms, it’s a business, that meets up with these criteria

  • Having ensured you get support from a designated organization
    • At least 10% or more of the voting right attached to the organization is being held by the staff.
  • When you are finally granted a permanent residence:
    • You provide the Canadian government with the activities going in and out of the business.
    • The major part of the business is being operated in Canada

Get A Letter Of Support From A designated Organization.

Before you will be given this visa, you will need to seek support from business organizations that have already been approved in Canada.

Here are things you should do

  • Contact a business organization, in Canada, relay your business idea to them, and let them see the reason why they should support you.
  • Let them know, you both will be of help to each other
  • Give them convincing reasons, and be able to get a letter of support from them.

Some business organizations will like to make further checks, to see if your business is worth supporting. You may be asked to present your business idea in person or a written form. Whichever way you were asked to do it, make sure it’s well presented.

If the business organization finds out that your business is worth supporting, they will give you a letter of support, and as well send a certificate to the Canada Immigration board, that they are willing to support the business.

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You are to present this letter of support in your application.

Meet The Language Requirements

The goal of every successful business in Canada is being able to communicate well, in either English or french. For this purpose, you will be required to take a test from an approved agency, to check language proficiency.

You are required to have a minimum of CLB5 in all of the below courses before your application can be approved.

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading

If you do not meet the minimum requirements of CLB5 in any of these courses, your application will be rejected.

You are to include your language test result in your visa application.

Bring Enough Money To Settle

Kindly know that the Canadian government won’t provide any financial support to your Start-up business, for this purpose, you are required to bring enough money to settle in the country.

You must be able to prove to the officers that you have enough money to finance yourself, and every one of your family members that comes with you.

How Much Money Should You Bring?

The amount of money you will bring depends on the type of business you want to start in Canada. You can’t find out how much it will cost you to stay in Canada with this guide.

Just endeavor, you bring as much money as possible, you can keep it in your Canadian bank.

How To Apply For Canadian Start-up Visa

Mostly, you will be required to provide your fingerprints and your photograph as part of your application process. You can find out where this will fit in your application

Here are the steps involved to apply for a Start-up visa.

  • Pay your application fee
  • Submit your application
  • Get the application package.

Get The Application Package

The application package is what will put you through your application process, it will relay all the necessary information to you. It contains an instructional guide, and a downloadable PDF you are to carefully go through these two, before proceeding further.

Proceed to fill the application form

  • The generic application form should be filled on your computer.
  • If there are blank spaces you need to fill, you will be notified once you click on the validate
  • The validated form should be printed, and all the pages having barcodes should be printed alongside.
  • The forms should be signed and the date should be filled in. All should be done at the appropriate place.
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Check the Checklist to Complete The Documents:

  • Endeavor you’ve gotten all the supporting documents that will be listed in this PDF.
  • Go through all items, to be sure everything is properly done
  • All identified and supporting documents, should be gathered in a single and sealed envelope
  • Documents checklist, should be the cover page of your application

You are to make sure you include all supporting documents, forms, and information needed in your documents. Also, add proof of any payment made.

If your application is found to be incomplete. It won’t be processed and gets returned to you. Ensure you take your time while processing your application, to be sure you do not miss out on anything.

Do not for any reason attempt to give a wrong answer, if you are found doing so, the following actions could be taken.

  • Your application won’t be processed further, and it will be returned to you.
  • It can make you inadmissible to Canada
  • You may not be allowed to apply for any visa to Canada again for the next five years.

Pay Your Application Fee

Your application fee will include the following.

All your fees have to be paid online.

Biometric Fee

Your application won’t get processed until you pay a biometric fee. The biometric fee will cover the collection of your fingerprints and photograph.

If you submit your application without paying for biometric, you will be sent a reminder to do so.

Once you make payment for the biometric, you will be sent a guide, on how you are to provide your biometric, or you will be required to book an appointment with a Canadian officer in your home country.

Third-Party Fee

Aside from the application fee, and biometric fee, you may as well need to pay for third party fee, based on your nationality

  • Medical exam
  • Language testing
  • Police result

The link on each fee will make you understand how to make the payment, and if the fee applies to your nationality.

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Submit Your Application

If you are applying in a group for a permanent resident. The application won’t get processed until all application has been processed

Individual businesses should endeavor to submit their application separately, do not let everything be put together in one envelope.

For people applying as a team, if any of the members want to withdraw from the application process, the principal applicant should kindly make use of web hosting to notify the Canada immigration board immediately, so they can stop the process.

To ensure a complete form is filled, ensure you do the following

  • Provide an answer to all questions being asked
  • All applications and forms were being signed
  • The payment was made for the application, biometric, and processing fee, and you attached the receipt to your visa application
  • All supporting documents were included in your article.

In case it was noticed that you committed some steps, you will be sent a notification to complete it.

If your visa gets approved, you will immediately be issued a permanent residence.

You are to make use of arrivecan on your arrival to Canada, before making submission of:

  • Your contact and travel information
  • Proof that you are ready to be quarantine

On your arrival to Canada, you will be welcomed by an officer who will tell you things you need to know about your stay in Canada.

Getting to Canada, you must have :

  • Valid travel documents and passport
  • Your permanent resident visa must still be valid.
  • The proof of your financial stability, and be able to finance yourself, throughout your stay in Canada.

If you provide the officers with wrong or false information, you will be denied entry into Canada.

If your answers are valid, you will be allowed to enter Canada.

Disclosure Of Funds

If you are entering Canada, with more than $10,000, this must be disclosed and acknowledged to the officer. If otherwise, your money may later be seized, or your account will be frozen till further clarifications are made.


A Start-up Visa is a good way to immigrate to Canada if one has the financial power to do so. Does this article provide a good insight on how you can apply for a start-up visa? If yes, we will love to be of help, If you have any questions to ask.

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