Canadian Visa Lottery



Canadian Visa Lottery

Recently, there have been a lot of questions all around and mostly on the internet, mostly revolving around, how to apply for the Canadian visa lottery. As a result of this, many have fallen for several scams. In this article, we shall be elaborating on the Canadian visa lottery.

What Is Visa Lottery

Visa Lottery is a program that was launched in the year 1999 in the United States, who would like to migrate to the United States, do so in a very convenient step, at a little or no cost.

According to record, over 50,000 people migrate to the US yearly. There are some countries that participated in the visa lottery program, but does Canada have a visa lottery program?

Can I Apply for the Canada Visa Lottery?

Don’t be deceived, Canada does not have a visa Lottery program. According to their official website, the only way to migrate to the country is to apply for a visa and follow the normal protocol.

We understand that there are several websites online, impersonating Canadian official websites, claiming to be given people visa lottery as a token, do not fall for this kind of scam, it’s not real.

If you want to migrate to Canada, our best advice for you is to follow the legal means. Get the required documents, apply for a visa, you will surely be picked, if you meet all the requirements.

How To Easily Migrate To Canada

Having known that the Canadian visa lottery program is nothing but a scam, you will want to think outside of the box, on how you can migrate to Canada, in an easy way.

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If you have a job, or you are a skilled worker, it will be quite easy for you to migrate to Canada, in an easy way. If you are a health practitioner, this will make the process easy.

If you want to migrate to Canada, kindly follow these easy steps.

  • Research about your purpose of traveling to Canada.
  • Apply for a Canadian visa, which best suits your purpose of traveling to Canada.

Bear in mind that there are some countries with visa exemption to Canada, you should check if your country is on the list, if it is. You won’t need to apply for a visa, all you will need is to have a passport.

If you have a relative in Canada, who is either a citizen or permanent resident, they can easily file for you to come to stay with them, this can make the complex process of applying for a visa easy.

If you are a business owner or an investor, and you want to migrate to Canada, you can easily do so. Canadian government places high value, on those who ready to contribute positively to their economy

Which Countries Have a Visa Lottery Program?

As of the moment, it’s the only USA that is running a visa Lottery program. If other countries start a visa Lottery program, we will surely update this page.

If you would like to apply for the US visa lottery program, below are the Eligible countries, who can apply for the program.

  • Brazil
  • China (Hong Kong SAR inclusive)
  • Colombia
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (Northern Ireland exclusive)
  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • Peru
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Pakistan
  • El Salvador
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
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Discard everything about the Canadian visa lottery program, it does not exist. If the government decides to start the program, we shall communicate with you immediately.

If this article has proven, to be of help, kindly share it with others. If there are questions you will like to ask, kindly let us know in the comment box.


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