What Are The Required Documents For Canadian Visa



What Are The Required Documents For Canadian Visa

To be able to get a successful application, when you apply for a Canadian visa, you need to ensure you have the required documents.

In this article, we shall explain in detail all the documents needed to apply for a Dubai visa.


Age is part of the requirements for a Canadian visa. Only adults (18+), and applications for minors should be signed by their parents.


You must have a valid passport to apply for a Canadian passport, your passport must include.

  • Your personal details
  • Passport number
  • Date of expiry and the date being issued

Documents And Forms

During your application processing, you will be asked to download a form from the IRCC website, kindly download the form, fill them and submit as they are part of your application process

Proof Of Paid Canada Visa Fee

It’s a must you pay for your application fee, processing fee, and visa fee, before your application will be processed.

Canadian Visa Photos

You will be asked to provide two passport photograph, endeavor to provide them and make sure it meets Canadian photo requirements

Proof Of Financial Means

You must prove that you have enough financial capacity to sustain yourself, throughout your stay in Canada and anyone that comes with you. This could be proven by your bank statement, business information, or any other financial basset that you have.

Proof That You Will Return To Your Home Country Once Your Visa Expires.

You must be able to prove with a convincing reason, that you are ready to return to your home country, once your visa expires. This could be by presenting documents of property you have in your home country, or an established business.

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Police Clearance

You must be ready to present the police result, which must clearly indicate that you do not have any criminal record, otherwise, your application will be rejected.

Medical exams

You need to take medical exams, to be sure you are not battling any contactable disease, if otherwise, your application will get rejected.

Letter Of invitation

If you can get a letter of invitation, from a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, this will greatly boost your chances of getting a visa.


All these requirements are to be met if you out want to ensure a successful Canada visa application.

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