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Medical Schools In Canada For International Students

Best Medical Schools In Canada Ranking

Do you have great zeal and passion for medical courses? Perhaps your aim right from when you are small is to become a medical practitioner, and you desire to study in a country with good medical school?

Do not think far, Canada is your best choice, though they have a limited number of medical schools, they always produce students with outstanding results.

The below are part of the best medical schools in Canada, we gave a brief introduction about them, and you can also find a link to their official website, at the end.

University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was established in 1915, it comprises several departments and it stands out to be one of the best Universities in the world.

In 2020, the University made it to top ranking, as one of the best institutions in Canada.

Registration: 39,000 CAD

Official website

University Of Alberta

This institution is a public institution, and it has produced many scholars in terms of medicine all around the world.

Registration: 20,400 CAD

Official website

Cumming Medical School; University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is a medical school in Canada who focus more on giving student in Canada intensive training in healthcare, they specialize, on producing doctors, nurses, psychologist, and other health personnel

Registration: 12,700 CAD

University of Calgary Official Website

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Saskatchewan.

This faculty of medicine of the University of Saskatchewan has a vision of improving the medical life of Canada and producing more health care worker

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University of Saskatchewan Official Website

Registration: 17,500 CAD

Manitoba University

This institution stands out for its exceptional ability to produce good medical students, and as well contribute positively to the healthcare life of Canada

  Manitoba University Official Website

Northern Ontario Medical School

This institution is rooted in the north and is aim at producing outstanding students

Northern Ontario Medical School Official Website

Western university;  Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

Registration: CAD 27,300

This institution does not only focus on medical medicine but as well as medical technology, to improve the good life of Canada.

  Official website

The listed above are better by far University in Canada, the first University on this list is ranked the best medical school in the world.

Considering the shortage of space for medical students in Canada, they still manage the little resources they have to produce outstanding students from the country. If you have the financial capacity to study in Canada, you should do it, as it’s a process, you will never regret embarking upon.


Canada is the world’s most reputable country, when it comes to education, they have many facilities to ensure that their students get the best education they deserve.

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