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Germany Immigration

Recently, Germany was ranked as the fifth most favorable and most visited country in the world. This doesn’t just come to be, it’s as a result of a highly improved economic system, good education system, high employment opportunities, etc. There is no doubt, any foreigner will grab hold of any slightest opportunity to travel to Germany. In this article, we shall be explaining in detail all the processes involved to immigrate to Germany.

You can not immigrate to Germany, without having a valid reason. There must be a purpose, why you wanted to travel to Germany, it’s this your purpose that will determine your path to Germany. Here are reasons why most people want to immigrate to Germany.

  • family reunion purpose
  • education purpose
  • employment purpose
  • residence permits purpose
  • entrepreneurship purpose

General Requirements For Immigration To Germany

Regardless of the fact that there are different ways to immigrate to Germany, and each different way has its own requirements, they all still have several things in common, which we tag as general requirements. The requirements shall be explained in detailed steps.

Prove Financial Stability

Each visa type has the threshold you must meet. Regardless of your purpose in coming to Germany, you must have the financial stability to sustain yourself.

If you are coming for work purposes, you must have a little amount of money that will finance your expenses, till you start getting paid for your salary.

Have Health Insurance Coverage

It’s impossible for you to immigrate to Germany, without getting health coverage.

The recommended health coverage you should get is German Health Coverage,    as it’s quite unsure whether Germany will Accept foreign health coverage.

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Have At Least Basic Proficiency In German

You won’t be able to enter Germany and participate in any activities, until you understand German, to some extent.

Before you will be allowed into Germany, you will be asked to take a German exam.

Get A German Visa

You won’t be permitted into Germany without a visa if you belong to any of these countries. However, if your country isn’t part of the list, you won’t need a visa, before you can Immigrate to Germany.

The below are the available German Visa types.

  • Business Visa
  • Training/internship visa
  • Visa to study in Germany
  • Family reunion visa
  • Jobseeker visa
  • Guest scientist visa
  • Working (employment) visa

Know the right visa that is applicable to you before applying for one.

Germany Immigration For Employment

There is a record of a shortage of skilled workers and professionals in Germany. For this purpose, there is a relaxation of stringent rules, on all skilled workers, who want to immigrate to Germany

IT workers, health practitioners, engineers, and other professional skilled workers, will only have to pass through a little process before they can immigrate to Germany.

In regards to this, to hasten your application process, and be able to immigrate to Germany easily. Start by seeking a job in Germany.

Baffled about how to seek a job in Germany? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow these steps to seek a job in Germany.

  • Make a research about jobs that accept foreign workers in Germany.
  • Proceed to applying for a German work visa
  • Travel to Germany, and get your permanent resident.
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Before you will be granted a permanent resident in Germany, the employee and employer must bother to agree to the following.

  • There is a shortage of applicants from European countries or Germany. So the employer had to hire a foreigner
  • The employee stands to enjoy the benefit other German workers in the company are entitled to, both in terms of salary and allowances.
  • The hiring company is recognized by the German government.

An employee is allowed to work in Germany as long as your visa and residence permit is still valid. However, if your visa expires, you still want to continue working. Kindly apply for an extension of the visa.

It will be quite hard for an unskilled worker to immigrate to Germany based on employment purposes.

Germany Immigration For Education

Do you know most of the institutions and schools in Germany charge little or no fee for Education? Surprising right? Yes, it is. This is why Germany is greatly loved by most foreign students.

Studying in Germany is quite very affordable. In most cases, you won’t need to pay any fees for your degree and course.

To take hold of this opportunity to study in a country with a high level of educational advancement, you need first get a student visa, this is what will enable you to study in Germany.

German Immigration For Investors

If you are an investor, and you are ready to invest. Then Germany has got you covered. Germany greatly welcomes investors.

However, before you will be able to immigrate into the country as an investor, you must have a minimum threshold of $250,000 you are ready to invest into the country.

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In addition to this, you will also need to acquire a German employment Visa, and be ready to prove the following.

  • You have enough money to invest in the country.
  • Your Investment is needed in the country.
  • Your Investment will be a beneficiary to the German Government.

Germany Immigration For Family Reunion.

Situation does warrant that families who were once together, had to go their separate ways, either one of them returns to their home country or the children.

If these families want to get back together. They can do so by applying for a family reunion visa.

However, there must be proof that the spouse is legally married. And if they already have children, they must prove with a medical test, that the children belong to them.

German Residence Permit

Once you’ve been granted a visa, you will be given a residence permit alongside it, the residence permit could be either temporary or permanent.

If you were given a temporary visa, it means you will stay in Germany for a limited time, however, if you are given a permanent visa, you can stay as long as you like.


Germany is greatly loved by many due to its high standard and achievement in all ramifications. We hope you’ve been able to learn useful tips, by which you can Immigrate to Germany.

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