Apply For A German Work Visa



Apply For A German Work Visa

The below is a stepwise process, on how to migrate to Germany and get a work visa.

  • Seek for Job in Germany, and make sure you get a job offer
  • Be sure you need a visa before you apply for one.
  • Search for the German embassy in your home country to begin and submit your visa application.
  • According to the instructions that will be presented to you by the German embassy in your home country, endeavor you get all the required documents
  • You will be scheduled for a visa interview, endeavour to attend at due time.
  • There is a fee, attached to the visa application, kindly make sure to pay it.
  • Wait for a decision on whether you qualify for a work visa or not.

Furthermore, to fully show you qualify for a German work visa, you will need to present some documents, to ascertain that you have all the requirements for the work visa, the documents include.

  • You are to present a copy of two completed application forms, having your signature at the front and back of the form.
  • You are to present two passport photographs, in line with German Immigration requirements for photographs.
  • You must have a valid international passport, which you are to present as part of your application process.
  • Proof of where you live in your home country. You can use a driver’s license to prove this, paid bills, etc. You are to submit this to the German Embassy in your home country.
  • You must be ready to present a health insurance certificate. This is to show you aren’t battling with any ailment, which can be disastrous to German citizens. You will have to book an appointment with the German embassy in your home country.
  • Proof of employment from an employer in German, you must be able to present this, before you will be offered a job in Germany.
  • If you have been offered approval, by the federal government agency, kindly provide this, to hasten your application process.
  • You will as well have to provide your CV (curriculum vitae) as well known as a resume.
  • Kindly provide any proof of your degree, diploma, which will clearly show you qualify to get a job in Germany.
  • A letter that will show your purpose of going to Germany, and will as well proof the length of your stay in the country.
  • Provide a police certificate, which must show you do not have any criminal record, otherwise, you will be denied a visa.
  • €75 visa fee must be paid.
  • Kindly provide a declaration that all the information provided is accurate.
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The above are the documents required for you to get a job in Germany. Furthermore, if you are clueless about where you can submit your visa application, the following are where you can submit your visa application.

  • A German consulate
  • The German embassy
  • A Visa Application Center
  • The embassy/consulate of another country, located in your country of residence, to which Germany has outsourced visa admission
  • The German embassy/consulate located in a neighboring country, in absence of German representative bodies in your country of residence

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